Vegan Recipe | Yellow Smoothie

Hi everyone and welcome back ti At Six O'Clock and specially to my weekly posts! Today's is a bit different as you can see because it is a recipe!

It is an summery recipe full of vitamins and good vibesss that I hope you'll enjoy as much as I do.


  • A plum
  • A nectarine

  • An orange (Yeah, my drawing is a tribute to Naranjito, hahahaa)

  • A banana

  • 100ml of Almond drink (3 oz aprox.).


  • Peel the orange and the banana, and cut the plum and the nectarine.
  • Throw the fruit and the almond drink to your mixer and let the magic happen ;)

Hope you've enjoyed this post (and the smoothie, obviously, hahahahaha).

Good vibes,


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