Five tips to learn languages

Hi everyone! How was your week? I hope that you've enjoyed July and the first days of August as well as I do. As you have  seen, today I wanted to write an entire post just in English, hoping that none of our Spaish or Latin American readers is feeling bad for it. It is just  a way to improve and practice my English skills during the summer and also, to have available content for those people that aren't Spanish speakers. First of all, I have to apologize for all of the mistakes that I'll probably do during this post and the reason for them is because I don't speak the Shakespeare as good as my native one.

And that's about what my today's post is going to be. I am going to show some tips that I use to learn languages by myself. I am obviously not a professional but these are some tips that I have used to learn a bit of Norwegian, German and mainly, English.

1. Watch youtubers that speak the language that you're learning. This is the tip that I think has helped me most. Probably because I am a passionate of this social media, but since I've started several years ago when I almost didn't understand anyything even using subtitles till nowadays that I can watch very long videos without any kind of help and understanding evey single word, I have learned a lot of vocabulary, I have improved a lot my listening skills, and I am more fluid talking  it, because I am more confident using this language. My recommendations in English are Zoella, Connor Franta and Troye Sivan (but there are much more). In German I watch to Maren Wolf, and in Norwegian, Emma Ellingsen (even though she has been uploading videos in English lately).

2. Download an app to learn languages. I think is very important because you improve your vocabulary, your grammar and a lot of skills every day, and it is fundamendal when you're learning a language from the beggining. The app that I use is Duolingo. It is free, with almost any add, a great variety of languages (Catalonian, Japanese, Dutch, Russian, Turkish...) and it has daily reminders to exercise a bit in a routine.

3. Watch films in Original Version. If you're going to watch a film or series in the language that you're learning, my advice is do it in Original Version. I recommend you that if you don't an incredible level in that language, watch it with subtitles. If you're neither able to understand the show just with subs, you can listen to it in your language but with subtitles in the other language. You're going to learn vocabulary inadvertly. My recommendations for films and series in English are The Simpsons (typical, I know) and The Theory of Everything. In German the film called Die Welle (The Wave translated into English) and in Norwegian the series Skam (Shame in English).

4. With songs. If you search the lyrics, the translations, and singing them like a superstar in your room, wanting or not you're learning a language in a funny way. You practice Speaking, you learn vocabuary and you feel more confortable in that language. And I also have some recommendations here, hahaha (the links will guide to the lyrics videos, because I found it more useful). English: Demons, by Imagine Dragons and Viva la Vida by Coldplay (yeah, it is in English despite the title). German: Engel fliegen einsam, by Christina Stürmer. Norwegian: Nattergal by Gabrielle and Fy faen by Hveem and Temur.

5. Be creative. You can buy newspapers in that language (I sometimes buy The Daily Mail to practice my English) and if you are able to, travel as much as you can and speak with a native. Be creative and find ideas and ways to improve in the most hilarious ways that you can imagine (you can write post stuff in that language, like I do, hahaha). That'll make you learn in different ways and have fun during this process.

Well, these were my five tips. Hope you find them useful or at least you have enjoyed it. Comment down below suggestions or doubts and I'll answer them gladly.
See you next Saturday,
Lots of good vibes,


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