Hacks to have a productive day

Hi everyone and welcome back to our 'almost daily' blog. It's Nuria and today, as every Saturday, it's my turn to post stuff that I find interesting for you guys, trying to keep every post as original, creative and entertaining as the first one. As you may have known because of the title, today's topic is 'Tips to have a productive, organised and creative day'.

Every year I propose myself to be organised as the main wish to become reality in the 1st of January. And, being honest, I never set that goal. But that has changed a few weeks ago because of one video that was giving some tips to be a 'Girlboss', or simply more productive, successful and organised. And, unexpectedly, I've done it! I'm setting my daily goals with some habits, routines and tips that I want to share with you, guys. So, let's get started!

1. Meditate
This was a habit that I was doing before sporadically and that was very helpful in your daily life because, even though it's kinda difficult at the beggining, day by day you're gonna see your improvements. It helps me to be relaxed, take everything step by step without stress and be more productive after that 'break'.

2. Organise your day.
Maybe this tip was pretty obvious, but I wasn't doing this until some weeks ago and this is the fundamental key to be successful in your daily goals, I think. I use 2 formats: the first one is a notebook or my daily planner, that I find very useful if you're going to be at home without be distracted by your phone and the social media and, in th eother hand, the second one is your phone and the app Any.do, with alarms, reminders, calendars and a lot of useful stuff that can help you a lot when you're not at home but you still have assigments.

3. Exercise.
It is important always, but when I started organising my day, I decided that for sure, exercise was going to have some sapce in my day. I recommend you to keep 30 minutes aprox. to do some work out, it doesn't matter if you do it in the gym, you go running around your city (as I do) or you prefer to do it at home. If you choose the 3rd option, I'll give some Youtube channels with very nice work out videos: The first one is Gym Virtual, with videos in  Spanish, and the second one is Tom Daley, a Olimpic medallist.

4. Try to be an early riser
Yeah, I know how difficult it is, especially in summer, (I've been sleeping 18 hours straight in one day last year), but I am waking up at 8:30AM and for me and in a Spanish time is enough to be able to obtain the most of the sun hours. Obviously I guess, we cannot forget to go to sleep early too, not just because of your productivity, it is very important for your health. The recommendation to an adult is to sleep at least 8 hours, and in a teenager or child, 9. If you want me to do a post with my tips to fall asleep easier, you just have to comment down below.

5. Take advantage to your artistic side.
I find very interesting and useful even if you are not into arts. If you try to draw, paint, play an instrument or whatever everyday you are going to feel better and it will also help you in your job or at school to be creative and having different ideas when you need it.

Picture taken by Lavendaire's Instagram (@lavendaire)

Well, that was all for  today's post. I hope you've enjoyed it, and you've taken some ideas to use in your regular life <3
Good vibes,


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